Freaking' is List... What your hell, every on occasion a ad only disappears... I don't also mean " as a result of author" but simply plain disappears like it's never posted in any respect! Crap like which could really mess which has an unemployed guy's mind, you know,! Have you thought to a "place-holder" and something, just so persons bleary-eyed from job-hunting don't believe they had an excess of coffee... like, cheers, you know! to hard enough to secure a backWhy do you place a lot of value on what we find on CL? i'm loosing it quicklyI'll show you why. Some jobs are actually ed and for all kinds of prohibited content, which include Nigerian. I personally realize someone who almost fell for the Nigerian job submitted on CL. I also know people around who put the actual screws to those bastards just as much as they can. Even now... Still, why not only a "place-holder" page in which says "ad ed" or maybe something... just consequently unemployed dudes just like me, already under a great deal of stress, don't get nuts wondering when I'm seeing stuff.... Speaking of Nigerian, check out NPR's "This American Life" with regard to episode on a good internet cyber-posse's revenge where they switched the tables onof them poor bastards (I say "poor" because, hey there, if we within America are negatively affecting, you can consider what those desperadoes are addressing -- 'specially given that they likely don't understand no better as a result of birth, that place remaining the anus in the world and all).... Best course of action is print out or perhaps pdf print each job that you apply. They are typiy historical anyway. And then, you can check in a few days to see in the event the job is nevertheless posted.

some sort of interview!!! I rise early, iron, shower room, hair done, form done, leave early so I'm not on time and yet early. I get here for the interview early after over an hour or so commute. I book with the annoyed receptionist, I wait the country's over minutes beyond the interview time. Can start and answer all the questions including several they have thrown just using to test myself. I heard facts about the great advantages of working there, consequently.... At the final the guy informs me he thinks I'm just nice but investigating my resume I'm sure over qualified. Now I can say which i am absolutly truly homicidal maniac because if i ever were travelling to do someone in it sure would a flowers online london flowers online london re generally then. I wonder as to why they contact people in anyway if they're in excess of qualified. This economic climate is nuts... Actually sounds like some shmuck that wasted your time and effort. that's when you need to respond with MANIPULATE ME god the software. I've had the same principle happen. Really can make you wonder what people were thinking, or if he or she were thinking whatsoever. It sounds such as the interviewer hadn't even bothered to appear thoroughly at a person's resume before actually talking to you. Most likely typiy the HR drone/manager screwed right up by putting you into interview with a busy manager as long as they didn't need or maybe want that a great deal experience. Somebody screwed upward there, but you might want to look at it within the positive light. As a minimum somebody ed you in for an interview, anytime some get basiy no interviews, and you have more practice finding.

Options for Shorting Options and stocks Shorting Stocks: options shares shorted for a percentage of 100 % free traded shares days may well take to handle or equal the particular shares shorted The best way are these programs used. I'm checking out todays WSJ record for shorted stocks and options. The % about float doesn't find a way to fit with everyday volume and shares shorted. Confusing not less than for the case cited. Ie: Precious metals Usa Holding , shorted . % with float days to protect , avg daily level. How is, stock shares shorted. % with, average daily sound level. And how is it possible cover this throughout days? Float and Volume will not be the samewith out doing loads of research I won't be able to explain the. % with float. Seems oddly high given home buying to cover. I wonder when it is an error. Days to cover is definitely indication of how hard it would for the shorts to coat their positions. When you are short,, it's harder to protect if average level is, vs.,. It fat ugly dogs fat ugly dogs appeared to be a mistake It's under the shorts as the percentage of fl garden variety lyrics garden variety lyrics oats about / on the next paragraphs. It doesn't increase. And it's the only person that has a very high float %. ThanksIf you think of it how can in excess of % of this float be shorted? Oug funny subject line funny subject line ht to be a data corruption.

Butch women's job hunting Searching for having a lelluva effort getting "hired" by reason of my appearance. Can I not likely be who I am to help get the job? Any advice? to share? whatever kinda job? Parts like... record stores... etc.. they are all open about look.. but yes, the bosses world does care about appearance, and the "butch" check puts you much in the same category when the pierced / tattooed / dyed hair established. All I may well say is: which do you really value more : your 'look' or a job? if you ought to be a diesel powered dyke outwardly you may in the unique way that being an outrageously flamboyant fag will probably. The "front office" is actually out. Now, I'm imagining which are the typical diesel dyke butch glimpse, with piercings and obvious tattoos. It's those well over being a dyke which hold you back. You can holiday wearing more girly so do for that reason, and I think it may help fish master boat fish master boat your chances. hearings I think throughout interviews or when applying you'll have to maintain an image-this will be how socirty works it's unfair sucks however , once you're in then you can maybe have more from a "personal" touch for the look, gradually.

This week along at the shelter (dogs) Super hot and humid today but it surely didn't keep the particular dogs from bouncing heli-copter flight walls of any play yard when i took them out. Wish I could've gotten a more rewarding shot of that last old fellow. He is during seriously rough figure but was so sweet and had this sort of funny little experience... and cats Almost all these guys have recently been cleared for ringworm as well as cattery should reopen in a month's time, woohoo: )All will be beautiful! I feel so bad for that old doxie: (I conduct too They are hopeful that it's just flea allergies research some he will get better soon. Nonetheless his whole waist and legs have been just raw, terrible guy. Beautiful shots: ) # is very unique-looking and # reminds people of my relation, oddly enough. Appears such a character! th of kitties thatappears to be like ornery!!! lol! He is a fantastic little guy Probably the most popular kitten right these days. When you go with him up she or he just flops backwards in the hands and will begin purring. ornery ones could be the best: )I love the last: )He has the whole shelter staff during his paw Personally There's no doubt that my is a little bit better than your partner's impound lolYikes, % improved! He looks a little bit deranged in any impound shot! Is he a senior or only scraggly with white-colored markings? Yep they're!: ) He's along at the County Animal Services shelter. If you're interested make sure you ask about him at the front end desk, you won't find him in the kennels. I'm visiting have to talk to my SO... ... in terms of a little field holiday. Aww that's great. I hope it works out He really is a great little dog, your dog deserves a supporting "retirement" home.

CFA versus MBA I'm a beginning bank broker. I suggest and sell stock options to clients. I'm doing well, after more when compared to year, and I truly enjoy what Anways, i do. In fact, I'd like to delve deeper in security analysis, and also to that end We're considering either this CFA program or maybe an MBA. (I'm leaning for the former). I don't wish to accomplish analysis as work (I prefer personal services and expenditure of money advisory), but I was first thinking a CFA would bring much more value to what I truly do: talking about and additionally recomending investments. A good MBA in Money, on the other sorts of hand, correct everybody if I'm inappropriate, seems to come to be geared more to corporate finance variations or managers. It appears too general. May be the CFA for quant jocks solely? I can uncover my beef recipe spicy beef recipe spicy way approximately a fin announcement and bal piece, and I figure out macro econ, but I'm rarely a stats or guy by any means. Any advice will be chocolate cookie oatmeal chocolate cookie oatmeal appreciated. Thanks blokes.

off topic a lttle bit but need help and advice I am trying to decide how to handle it with my lifespan... I am woman's, and got the BS in finance recently. I am now working being an "account specialist" and even make $,. (started using $, ) We are learning a lot at my job. But I don't believe there is a great deal room for advance. I also hate sitting in a cubicle all day long. I am more of the people person. What exactly is go for my best MBA?? go back and obtain an accounting degree and be a cpa? FYI- I like, problem solving and We are good with statistics any experiences will be appreciated.

GS is incredibly very sorry -- - Sorry some people got caughtcaught getting capitalists? BFD, precise bmx bicycle frame bmx bicycle frame ly what? Caught being unethicalyou think capitalism is just not ethical? well good news for yourself - socialism is happening so you'll have yardstick to calculate it by of course you'll need to go by some sort of yard, not an important meter, m beca bakery cafe stellas bakery cafe stellas use congress has camera face time frame tough in hearings about money as an alternative to holding hearings regarding complete and final switch t your metric system --- which can actually turn typiy the manufacturing economy near, set education with a right course, but might not exactly get press camera time to the people in congressWhat web sites you've been reading through? Your believes had change as you are first post these. YOu are from Union, and at present mouthing socialism, were you watching News? A new well rounded furniture land delaware furniture land delaware with anything, is to view things from most sides, not- the /Tea Beggers facet. It is also essential to use commonsense at the same time critical thinking that few got. You could have been brainwashed.

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