Trending-style content tailored for social media. Capture the attention of your followers with something a little bit more eye catching than just a photo. Stop-motion is a fun way to celebrate a holiday, sale, or new product. 

Holiday Pack: 10 holiday stop motion videos

Lifestyle Pack: 10 lifestyle stop motion videos

Seasonal Sale Pack: 10 season sale stop motion videos

Title: Social Stop Motion 

Brief: Create a series of stop-motion videos for chi products and tools.

Client: CHI Haircare

Company: Farouk Systems Inc.

Content: Social | Web

Duration of project: 1 mo.

Goal: Produce a series of stop-motion videos that showcase a variety of CHI tools and products.

Conditions: Each video had to be within theme or holiday.  

Challenges: Designing layouts and finding color palettes that wouldn't overwhelm or distract viewers.

Takeaways: Collaboration between the social team lead with creative ideas was necessary to deliver the desired style.

Team size: 8

Mooi Creative is a video production company. We offer Premium video production services and video editing to Beauty and Luxury brands.

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